Up to One/Fifth Free House Program (work program)

Hello Adventurous HomeSeeker,

This is a very Unique, Interesting, and could become a very Profitable Venture. What it entails is for someone who has the time, almost like 'sweat equity', that is willing to start a project and take the project to completion to get into your next Home with my guidance and involvement.

This is Not a situation where one will be doing any light rehab work on any house.

This is an involvement of time in a very different area where the Rewards could be so Great! Once the REWARD is Issued, it could result in a literally up to a FREE & CLEAR HOUSE with NO MORTGAGE Attached to it. This could be a $180,00 to $600,00 Home and No Liens!

There will be 3 Party Owners to this House. The custom usual Split will be 1/5 for you. For me 2/5 and 2/5 for the Original Homeowner after the program fees have been re-imbursed back to their rightful owners.

The MAXIMUM REWARD could be even GREATER than the Value of the Home. Therefore, the Split will be still the same; For You 1/5, for me 2/5, and 2/5 for the original homeowner.

Now I got you thinking.... You understand the Reward and its Splits by now... but you're thinking...

  "What is this?"

And how does this work?

Keep reading as you'll discover that this Opportunity is Very Real and not for the timid or the fearful individual that is afraid to challenge the status quo...

Let me Ask you a question, "Who do you think caused all of this financial havoc in the real estate market?"

The new homebuyers.... No!

The homebuyers just wanted a simple opportunity to own a home. And now roughly 18,000,000 Homes are Upside Down in Equity through No Fault of their own....and the Lack of Jobs! (recession)

My friends, the Real Invisible Greedy Enemy are Our Banks... the Big Banks! Thats Right!

Look! They got a Bailout! 

What did we get?     Zilch!        A lousy real estate market and a recession....but a Great Opportunity for the Next Buyers- YOU!

The Program works this way- there are people in the pre-foreclosure process right now or the ones that are about to start the process... They Bankers Association spells out estimates that 10%+ of all mortgages out there has been late 1 month of missed payments already.
Eventually some will lose their homes and some won't. We have no control over those results...

Here is how we fit into the picture... You and I will be Looking for a Homesellers who has had it with this system. That someone may need our Help. That someone is pretty irritateddisgusted with his finances and they're Willing to do something about it.

But because some of them being Broke, they cannot even afford to help themselves...Busted & Disgusted!!!

We (you and I) step into the picture to teach them about our services and how we can Help them. We take them on as Clients and educate them about this specific process. Once the HomeSeller Agrees to our TERMS (the terms will be this, we pay for the program fees and he does his thing to go through the process. At the conclusion of the program whatever the REWARD is AWARDED, he'll Split that according to the formula AND Promises to Sell the House to us) We only ***BUY IT, if the numbers make sense for you and if you want to occupy it. Or we just Sell the Whole House to get rid of and divide up the profits according to the pre-agreed formula.

This way you get either, Walk out with CASH in your pocket or Earmarked CREDIT (the money to put down on your next home, when you Buy from me your Next Home eventually...)

This process is called a forensic audit..and its Not difficult... Don't Let the Word.. Scare you... its kinda new to most people because its Not an everyday thing. We have an affiliate relationship with a Leading Law Firm that has over 30 years of specialized knowledge and experience in this area.

It is estimated by the FDIC that 83% of all mortgages might be problematic in nature. Remember the Banks have to follow certain strict rules when they Lend out monies. There is a lot of this rule-breaking going on and we just Help the HomeSeller discover this..

You don't have to teach the homeseller about the particular laws, you just find them and direct to go to a special website that is set up for them. The website will teach & explain everything to them and how to get started...Our software systems are designed to keep track of their ip addresses or their opt-in email addresses when they go there to visit the websites...

So if I took you by the hand and showed you how simple this is you'ld be amazed... You just;
  1. Find them
  2. Direct them to a website
  3. Have them go through the process...
  4. They Receive $$ REWARD...
  5. We Split up the $$ REWARD... then they Sell house (more Cash) or maybe We Buy their Home if you like it for your own use.
If this sounds interesting and you want more information I suggest you go to my main website at
www . eco101.ws/sellerfinancing  and Order the ~Report, use PayPal, Click the "BUY NOW" Button its about midpage, take care of the measly $7.95 for s&h charge, your Report will be Rushed out to you 1st class mail.

To your Success,

Greg T. Lisoff

p.s. I'm Not a realtor, Nor a loan broker, Nor an attorney (I'm not giving any legal advice here).
I've Discovered KEY Ways for the average person to get into a Home without Credit (you don't need a Bank Mortgage Loan as I have you covered), without lots of cash... to also get 'Access' to CASH- different program in Tab- BusinessUlocCa$H, and other exciting methods such as 'sweat equity' homes... and more will be developed...
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